The user interface...

The touch enabled, user interface lives within the Bookmark Stations located on each of the three floors in Crossett Library. It provides access to the entirety of messages left by library visitors and a means of leaving a new message. Messages can be associated with a Bookmark, which is then left in a book or dvd in the stacks, or by simply scanning a book and associating a message with it in the system.

The interface has two major color themes which indicate whether a user is logged in or not. The pale blue daytime theme, with no menu items, is what would be encountered if no one is using the system -- this is the normal state, with animated hexagons moving gently about the screen.


Normal state, pre-interaction

Each hexagon represents a message in the system and its age -- the larger the hexagon, the more recent the message. As messages age, they decrease in size and opacity. You can browse the messages by clicking on the hexagons.


Martha Graham Bookmark is docked

The Martha Graham Bookmark has been docked and the message is revealed. A user can select from the drop-down menu on the right and read about the project, get help, or search messages in the system.


About screen activated

The About section is active with the project description displayed.


Logged in with Bookmark docked

A user is logged into the system with the Martha Graham Bookmark docked and associated message displayed. Color palette has shifted and activity related to messages this user has previously left is displayed near their name on the upper left.


Leaving new message

The current user, Paul Smith, has chosen to leave a new message on this book. Keyboard is revealed at the bottom of the screen.


Searching the system

The user has selected Search from the drop down menu.