Thank you...

Bennington Bookmarks was made possible thanks to major support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

We are especially grateful for support and guidance from Elissa Tenny, Provost and Dean of Bennington College.

Oceana Wilson, Director of Crossett Library, is an inspiration. Bennington Bookmarks would not have happened without her vision, support and collaboration.

Many thanks goes to the following members of the Bennington community for being sounding boards, for visiting our class, and for helping us realize the project:

Paige Bartels, Chris Dickinson, Jon Isherwood, Rebecca Godwin, Kate Godin, Joan Goodrich, Mischa Klasby, Amy Kuzmicki, Janet Marsden, Fran Maynard, Amie McClellan, Erin McKenny, Brian Parmenter, Elizabeth Pellerin, Sonia Perez, Jesse Potts, Todd Pykosz, David Rees, RJ Reynolds, Glenn Sausville, Donald Sherefkin, Richard Smith, Randy Tompkins, John Umphlett, Charlotte Welch.

We thank the incredible staff of Crossett Library:

Kathleen Berry, Leah Giblo, Vanessa Haverkoch, Laura Niles, Joe Tucker, Kathy Williams.

We have received help and guidance from many folks beyond Bennington and are thankful to the following individuals:

Jeremy Ashkenas, Blake Goble, Amanda Gould, Arain Irfan, Jon Monaghan, Fiona Raby, Angela Sheehan, Carol Stakenas, Robert Michael Smith, Misty Rose Sotelo.