In collaboration...

Bennington Bookmarks is an artwork by Robert Ransick and Joe Holt in collaboration with nine Bennington College students and two staff members...


Robert Ransick

Robert Ransick is an artist who works in a wide range of media and has exhibited internationally. He has received funding from Franklin Furnace and the Mellon Foundation and has been an artist in residence at Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology in New York. He has worked as a curator and cultural producer in collaboration with Creative Time, the Aperture Foundation, and Blindspot. He is currently a full-time faculty member in Digital Arts at Bennington College. He lives and works in New York City.

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Joe Holt

Joe is a faculty member in Computing. Before trading California redwoods and drive-thru electronics for dining hall food and moose crossings, he worked for two decades at Apple and Adobe where he made Macs and drew pictures.


Oceana Wilson

Oceana is the Director of Library and Information Services. She previously librarianed at The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Rhode Island School of Design, and the Providence Athenaeum. She secretly likes ruckus in the stacks.

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Preston Noon

Preston is the Digital Arts Technician. A Tech-Team member responsible for Electronic Fabrication, Novelty Dissemination,and Ubiquitous Augmentation.

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Ben Choiniere

Ben came up with this idea that visual art and psychology triangulate with design, so that is what he focused on. Ben worked on the design team and devoted himself to the bookmark forms. After graduation Ben is going to travel, work, make things and apply to graduate school.

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Adam Freed

Adam is graduating with a concentration in psychology and visual arts. He was in the first half of the course, but then his thesis devoured him.

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Jess Funston

Jess is graduating/graduated in summer 2008 with a focus in visual arts and computing. During the second term of the course Jess worked primarily on programming the user interface.

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Rebecca Grabman

Rebecca ('08) spent her Bennington years studying the visual arts, with a particular focus on printmaking, digital art and costume design. She worked on the tech team and was primarily responsible for displaying messages.

~ Listening to "Move On" by Mike Doughty

Jason Irla

Jason ('08) studied visual arts at Bennington with a focus in painting. During the Spring term of Augmented Library Jason worked on the design team contributing to the look and feel of the Bookmark UI and website. After graduating Jason will go on to graduate school where he hopes to find more collaborative projects to get involved with.

~ Listening to "Temporary Famine Ship" by Indian Jewelry

David Meresman

David will graduate with a concentration in history in the spring of 2009. While his concentration is in history, he chose to take the Augmented Library course because it allowed him to combine his interests in visual art and the social sciences. He was on the design team and worked on the user interface functionality.

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Luce de Palchi

Luce will graduate with a concentration in architecture and art history in the spring of 2010. She was on the tech team.

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Kyle Schroeder

Kyle will graduate with a concentration in architecture and music production in spring 2009. Kyle was on the design team and worked on the bookmark forms and the bookmark station.

~ Listening to "Night Train" James Brown

Hannah Wolfe

Hannah will graduate with a concentration in visual arts influenced by math and science in spring 2009. She was on the tech team and is mainly responsible for the hexes and bookmark communication.

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