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RNC-Redux: St. Marks Church (Manhattan), Longwood Arts Project (Bronx), Postmasters Gallery (Manhattan), NYC

Election Redirect, White Box Gallery, NYC:


Media projection and participatory performance

Screensavers Group creates hybrid media interventions that unite an individual’s voice with others around the globe to generate real-time collaborative projections and web streams. We seek to leverage synergistic energy, building off current events and capturing real time content streams to transform public expression and awareness around timely issues. We work through a flexible and evolving set of digital tools and street-wise strategies, that may include Chat, SMS, and keyworx to generate and mix images/text within online and offline environments. SSG team members mix the content in real-time from around the globe.

Always created by the public, for the public, each Screensavers project combines media, current events and social circumstance to leverage the vitality of political engagement in an effort to create meaningful collaborative art experiences.

Based in New York City, the group is comprised of artists, new technology professionals and community activists from around the United States and Europe.

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